Working with kids isn’t always easy, as I’m sure any teacher will tell you. What they’ll also tell you is that it can be incredibly rewarding.

We’re lucky though, because when it does get challenging, we can fall back on the fundamentals of Wing Chun Kung Fu. With that mindset we are able to adapt and succeed.

But it’s the kids who really see the benefits!
“WOW what a difference!” – Charlotte, Mum of Ruby 9 & Mac 8
They’ve learnt that success is the result of hard work. They’ve learnt that the best antidote for bullying is self-confidence. They see the value in persistence and respect for others. They learn how to set goals and work in teams. And they’ve learnt a bit about self-defense on the way, too.

And as for us? Well the rewards are plentiful. We help change people’s lives.. not just the kids, but the parents too.

We contribute to the community, making it a better place for everyone to live.

We play a part in the development of our kids; we bring out their talents and strengths and help them overcome their weaknesses.

We meet interesting people and learn about how they live, opening up our own life experiences.

And to top it all off we earn a good living, have a balanced life style, work where and when we want, and never have to say yes to a boss.

Are these the types of things you’re looking for in life?