Why You Should Do It

In short, you want a better life. For many that means making a difference. Or getting paid for doing something you enjoy, maybe even love? Or maybe you just want to be your own boss. Whatever your reasons, they all have the same result; fulfillment.

But most of all, you love working with kids!

Who Should Do This?

We want every Kung Fu Schools partner to share and realize our values in their everyday lives. It will take a positive attitude, enthusiasm and persistence to succeed. And you’ll need to be approachable, friendly and open minded in order to inspire.

Everything else? Well, we’ll teach you


Who you’ll be working with..

You’ll be a part of Kung Fu Schools. We’ve been coaching kids since 1992 and between Paul and Alan, we have over 35 years’ experience in Wing Chun.

The school has been officially endorsed by the Chinese Government and is the only martial arts organization outside of China to be designated a “Confucius Classroom” by the Confucius Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Kung Fu Schools also teaches Kung Fu instructors from China how to teach the art to a western audience.