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About Us

Meet Paul, Alan and Pete

Master Paul Hawkes, Sifu Alan Paterson, and singer and television personality Peter Andre are the driving force behind the Kung Fu Schools franchise.

With over 35 years of combined experience in the martial arts coaching industry, Paul and Alan are committed to passing on everything they know about running a kids’ martial art school, from the business and financial aspects, all the way to creative ways to deliver a lesson.

Pete, an avid Kung Fu student, has been amazed by the positive change in his two children, Princess and Junior, since they followed in his footsteps and started Kung Fu lessons. The improvements he has witnessed in their confidence, discipline, focus, and general behaviour has convinced him that every child needs to learn Kung Fu.

So convinced, in fact, that he has joined forces with Paul and Alan as a shareholder in Kung Fu Schools. As spokesperson, Pete will use his celebrity status to promote Kung Fu Schools in the media.“The change in my little boy is amazing; he’s a beautiful young man who has respect for others” – Charlotte, Mum of Mac, 8

The Kung Fu Schools organisation: our extended family

Officially endorsed by the Chinese government, Kung Fu Schools is proud to be the only martial arts organisation outside of China to be designated a “Confucius Classroom”, recognising us as a centre for excellence in teaching Chinese art and culture.

With close ties to the Confucius Institute, the cultural arm of the Chinese government, we frequently host visiting coaches from China, instructing them how to teach the art to a Western audience.

Joining the Kung Fu Schools franchise will be like becoming part of one big family. The sense of camaraderie among franchisees and with our head office means that it is always easy to ask someone for help or advice. And with our franchisees coming from a wide range of different backgrounds, there is tons of professional experience to draw on, from business administration, marketing, and IT, all the way to health and safety guidelines and teaching strategies.