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Wotw-Self Control

This weeks word of the week is:

Self Control

Wikipedia states self control as:

the ability to control one’s emotions, behavior, and desires in the face of external demands in order to function in society. In psychology it is sometimes called self-regulation. Self-control is essential in behavior to achieve goals and to avoid impulses and/or emotions that could prove to be negative. In behavior analysis self-control represents the locus of two conflicting contingencies of reinforcement, which then make a controlling response reinforcing when it causes changes in the controlled response

The example for the children’s classes that Nick used this week was:

If you ask mum or dad for a biscuit, they say yes you can have ONE.

When you get to the biscuit tin you see TWO that you like.

How many do you take?

If you said ONE then well done on using your self control

If you said TWO, you need to practise your self control a bit more.

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