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Time to Juice


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So on my way to work this morning I was thinking on how my nutritional habits have changed. From being a full time professional athlete to a new career change , a family man with three children, all have an impact on how we fuel our bodies. We have a culture where everything has to be done yesterday and we are tempted by convenience quick fixes with food unless we are very strong willed or pay a particular focus on our diet.


If i asked you how many portions of fruit/vegetables you have eaten today … Would you say the recommended daily requirements ……which stands a 5…most would probably be half that value. Also the nutritional value of food today is not the same as it was a decade ago, so you are probably looking at double this to reach the needs of everyday life.

I had to make sure that as a professional I fuelled my body well as I would not have be able to keep up on the demands I was putting on it from training 6 days a week and an average 4-6 hrs a day. Also people have this misconception and base most of their thoughts on weight management / loss . This is ok when done correctly and over a certain period not all the time. People forget we need food to repair, recovery, grow and for all the bodily functions to run their daily course. If we are not getting enough nutrients we are depleting our body…which over time has an effect! You could be ageing yourself prematurely and opening yourself up to illness .

Busy Lifestyle….Juice!

Like you I have a very busy life style working, family, training, over the weekend I decided to purchase a blender called the Nutrition Blender… Don’t get me wrong I had a blender which was ok but left huge bits of food and really wasn’t good at blending nuts/ seeds. I saw a lot of posts on FB from friends who have this particular blender and have been raving about it. So I decided to bite the bullet no pun intended and make a huge difference to my daily intake of good clean food.


I put into my smoothie avocado, spinach, banana, milk, almonds, dates, blackberries blueberries for their antioxidant properties. This took minutes and it was easy to clean and it has its own containers , so I can travel with it in the car and have it on the way to work or when I’m in need for a pick me up. I would never eat for example spinach and a Banana as they come together at the same time but once blender there’s a totally different taste and texture. Juice is the way forward

Depending on what you blend up , the colours can be bright and it makes it look healthy too!

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Final note it’s worth investing in your health…give your body what it needs and requires and it will look after you! I would recommend the Nutri-Bullet if you don’t already have a good blender.



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