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Franchise Package

For starters, you do NOT need to already know Kung Fu!

Prior martial arts knowledge is not required, because we will teach you everything you need to effectively teach Kung Fu to children, from techniques and terminology, all the way to teaching strategies and demonstration tips.

Don’t worry if you think you don’t have all the skills you need to run the business; we’re here to plug the gaps—all you have to do is have the ambition and drive to succeed.

Throughout your partnership with us, we’ll be working side by side to make your franchise a success. Our franchise package, designed by leading international franchise consultancy Platinum Wave, has been designed to be as structured and as supportive as possible.

The franchise package

We make it easy for franchisees to succeed by providing comprehensive support and advice on all aspects of running your own Kung Fu School.

Your franchise package will include:

  • Comprehensive Kung Fu training – we’ll teach you Kung Fu, and how to teach it to others
  • Business skills support – from accounting and taxes, to help with recruiting staff
  • Operations manual, equipment kit, and booking software
  • Full marketing support and services
  • Territory mapping and a member database
  • Access to third party services, such as fee collection service provider NEST
  • Direct access to our head office staff through regular site visits, webcasts, and group meetings

Instructor training and business training will be provided both initially and on an on-going basis.

A low investment franchise that offers healthy returns

For a small capital commitment, the Kung Fu Schools franchise offers potentially big returns. Aside from the primary source of income from monthly class fees, additional earnings can be generated through grading fees, offering private tuition, hosting children’s parties, and selling Kung Fu Schools uniforms and merchandise.

Of course, the rewarding feeling that comes with knowing you have created a positive impact in a child’s life is a significant return that cannot be measured!